Sigouros Pottery

Sigouros pottery is a ceramics workshop located along the Alexandrou Roma street in Zakynthos town.

Mr. Sigouros Golemis, a self-taught ceramicist with a great love and passion for the Byzantine ceramics has created this shop wishing to offer his genuine work to the admirers of the real folklore art.

Having his workshop in the village of Machairado in Zakynthos, where he continually works on ceramics for the past 25 years, he has created a large variety of designs and forms in so many color schemes that is extremely difficult to find two pieces the same.

If you ever find yourself walking in the town of Zakynthos, it is worth visiting the Sigouros Pottery shop and take a look at its magnificent collection. Who knows? Maybe you will find a little piece of art to take back home with you!

sigouros pottery zante zakynthossigouros pottery zante zakynthossigouros pottery zante zakynthossigouros pottery zante zakynthos


  • Accessories
  • Ceramic items
  • Folk art
  • Showroom
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Sigouros Pottery
Alexandrou Roma Street 18, 29100 Zakynthos town, Zakynthos
+30 26950 23739
+30 6984941391

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