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Zakynthos is inarguably one of the most beautiful islands not only of Greece but of the Mediterranean. Zakynthos features all kinds of different lifestyles and landscapes from golden sandy beaches to lush mountainous areas. Here is a list of 10 things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Zakynthos, also called Zante.

10. Local Sweets

local sweets zante zakynthos
Zakynthos is well known for many things, one of which is its famous local sweets like Mantolato, Pasteli, Mandoles and Fitoura. You can find them all around the island in Tourist Shops, Supermarkets but more importantly in the stores of the actual creators.

9. Local Cuisine

local cuisine zante zakynthos
Zakynthos is also known for its cuisine. Dishes like Ragou or Rabbit Stidado are eclectic tastes you will only find here. Search for restaurants that serve local dishes and treat your palate with a genuine taste of the island.

8. Driving Around the Island

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Zakynthos is an island that offers amazing coastal caves and golden beaches and maybe, you’d think it lacks the aspect of the mountainous life and this is where you would be wrong. Zakynthos has a stunning mountainous region at the heart of the island separating the east coast from the west. There you will find amazing views at the endless sea, as well as rustic villages and old monasteries. Grab a car or motorbike from the Smart Rentals (Car & Bike rentals) and experience Zakynthos as you never thought you could.

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7. Mountainous Villages

mountainous villages zante zakynthos
Speaking about the lush mountains and village life, if you have a car, then you can drive around the mountainous villages of Zakynthos and explore the simple way of living of the inhabitants. In those villages you will find family run taverns and restaurants with eclectic local tastes, as well as shops that sell an assortment of local products such as Honey, Olive Oil, Handmade Carpets and many many more.

6. Cave Complexes

caves zante zakynthos cruises
After sampling the tastes of the island, it’s time to discover Zakynthos’ amazing sights, like the island’s stunning coastline. Part of it is the Keri Caves complex. An assortment of caves at the south-western part of the island, the Caves of Keri is a sight you cannot miss. Another amazing Cave complex is the Blue Caves at the north-eastern part of the island. The astounding clear blue waters cave them their name. Their beauty is unparalleled and that is one of the reasons they are included in every tour around the island of Zakynthos. Book a tour with one of the many travel agencies featured in and enjoy the island’s coastline.

5. Olive Presses

olive press zante zakynthos olive oil
Big part of the island is covered in Olive Trees. Zakynthos has one of the finest varieties of olive oil. From a simple salad or any actual main dish, olive oil is an integral part of not only the Local and Greek Cuisine, but the Mediterranean as well. Visit one of the various olive oil workshops around the island and experience first hand, how our clear green nectar is made.

4. Wineries

wineries zante zakynthos local wine
Another integral part of the Greek Cuisine and Lifestyle is its fine wine. Zakynthos has a great selection of wines including but not limited to Augoustiatis, the summer wine produced in Zakynthos and exported all round the world. Visit one of the several wineries around Zakynthos and experience how grapes are gathered, pressed, fermented and made into wine.

3. Beaches

beaches zante zakynthos
Zakynthos is one of the few islands in the world with so many beaches awarded with the “Blue Flag”, which means clear waters and clean beachfront. Zante’s south and eastern coastlines are full of golden sandy beaches, while on the western coast you will find more rocky, but nevertheless magical beaches with crystal clear waters to swim and enjoy.

2. Turtle Spotting

turtle spotting zante zakynthos
Zakynthos is the primary nesting ground for the Loggerhead Turtle also known as the Carretta- Caretta in the Mediterranean. The Loggerhead Turtle lays its eggs under the hot sand where they stay until they hatch about 2 months later. Join one of the Turtle spotting tours around the Laganas Bay and see the turtles, elegant as they are, in their natural habit, the Mediterranean.

1. Shipwreck (Navagio) Beach

shipwreck beach navagio zante zakynthos
Inarguably the most famous Greek beach, the Shipwreck is a sight you cannot miss. Originally called Ayios Georgios, the Shipwreck beach got famous and evidently renamed after the smugglers ship called “Panayiotis”, carrying illegal cigarettes, got abandoned off the coast due to bad weather and was washed ashore at this beach. That’s where it all started and made the beach of Shipwreck, one of the most famous in the whole world. It was recently voted as the 3rd best beach worldwide, so grab a group or private tour, while on the island and visit Navagio (as called in Greek). It’s an experience you cannot miss.

These where the 10 best things to do around Zakynthos according to us in We wish you a great stay and an amazing vacation on the island.