Dodoni ice-creams

Dodoni ice-creams has been established since 1984 in Zakynthos town. It is open from 10am till late at night.

Their story begins in a cozy retro gellateria in Athens in 1967. The name Dodoni for the gelateria and the idea for an ice-cream with the imagination, purity and freshness of the Greek nature exuded the magic of Dodoni area, birthplace of the founders of the company.

After a while the exquisite Dodoni creations became famous throughout Athens, synonymous of the premium ice cream with original flavors and of the excellent parfait tastes. Growing up in the land of Epirus, the founders of Dodoni brought the pure values of this land nature in their tasteful recipes. They made ice cream with fresh milk, egg and cream.Having the same philosophy until today, Dodoni producers are looking in Greece and all over the worldfor the freshest, purest and finest ingredients. In addition, they choose to resist in the use of chemicals, preferring the pleasure of pure essence based on strictest quality standards.Since 1967 until today, when Greeks express their opinion on our ice cream, they use three words … Divine ice cream! The ice cream that is everywhere in Greece with over 165 stores!The history of Dodoni has changed the ice cream. The fresh, pure and delicious ice cream!

Enjoy fresh milk, fresh eggs, nuts, true cocoa, authentic coffee, mastic, traditional salepi etc. Taste ice cream as only we know how to create!

36 tastes of ice cream: parfait, cream, chocolate, sorbet, yogurt ice cream

Ice cream cakes, ice cream cones, desserts, waffles, ice cream drinks.

dodoni ice-creams zante zakynthosdodoni ice-creams zante zakynthosdodoni ice-creams zante zakynthosdodoni ice-creams zante zakynthos


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Dodoni ice-creams
Lomvardou street 80, 29100 Zakynthos town, Zakynthos
+30 26950 26874
+30 6977040939

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