Amoutsi taverna

“Amoutsi”, a Greek word that means good and cheap food. The place has been operating since 2000. Amoutsi Taverna is located on the beach of Agios Sostis and offers a spacious ambience with decorative elements of local architecture. Amoutsi is open daily from 10am till midnight.

Here, you can taste a variety of dishes from the Greek and local cuisine or try the vegetarian menu. Some of their specialties include:

– Braised rabbit
– Stuffed rooster of traditional Zakynthian recipe, grilled on charcoal
– Stuffed chicken fillet wrapped in vine leaves
– Charbroiled stuffed beef
– Meatballs in red sauce

All vegetables used in their dishes are fresh from Amoutsi’s garden!

The staff always welcomes you with a smile. You should definitely visit Amoutsi and experience its beautiful environment and the brilliant food.

amoutsi taverna zante zakynthosamoutsi taverna zante zakynthosamoutsi taverna zante zakynthosamoutsi taverna zante zakynthos


  • Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Greek cuisine
  • Local cuisine
  • Vegetarian menu
  • WiFi
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Amoutsi taverna
Agios sostis, 29092 Zakynthos
+30 26950 51818
+30 6974665141

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