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Peppermint Restaurant

Peppermint Restaurant - Restaurants - Argassi - zante zakynthos
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General Info
Argassi, Zakynthos
(0030) 26950 22675
(0030) 6946106180
Peppermint restaurant website
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Peppermint restaurant is located in a beautiful green area in Argassi resort of Zakynthos island.

Before you enter the center area of Argassi resort, coming from Zakynthos town, you have to turn right and follow the road. There, on your right hand is where you will see Peppermint restaurant in a magnificent place surrounded by lots of green.

Perfect for families, couples and any company that needs a relaxing place to enjoy their meal. Friendly service, romantic atmosphere and music, car parking, children playground area is some of the plus of this place.

The menu consists of traditional dishes but there are also seafood plates, dishes for italian food lovers and vegetarian people.

Some delicious dishes that we reccomend is the Beef styfado, lamb in the over, roast chick, mousaka, meatballs in tomato chicken fillet, beef fillet, pork steak, swordfish, prawns, salmon fillet, lobster.

You definetely have to try this gourmet paradise and you wont be disapointed.

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      Peppermint Restaurant - Suspended

      Υou can't use this company as a starting point for your virtual tour in Argassi, because it has been suspended.


      Thanks and sorry for any incovenience.

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